SDCC Rathcoole Lands

The purpose of this document is primarily to investigate potential alternative land uses for lands at Rathcoole, the future development potential of the lands and to bring forward proposals for re-zoning having regard to protecting existing habitats, biodiversity and the Rathcoole woodlands, the need for social and affordable housing, community infrastructure and access in line … Read more

A survey to assess the woodlands and associated semi-natural habitats at Rathcoole, Co. Dublin

An ecological survey was carried out to investigate the habitats present in an area of semi-natural vegetation that has existed without significant human intervention for the past 30 years at Rathcoole, Co. Dublin and to evaluate their importance on a local and national scale. Previous surveys had found that a large and significant area of … Read more

Water Biodiversity Training

Fingal LEADER Partnership are excited to offer communities across Dublin the opportunity to access Water Biodiversity Training. This free training course is all about getting to know rivers and streams and what your community can do to protect them. Blending delivery will see the theory presented online followed by a number of on location field … Read more

Virtual Woodland Tour

Join us for a live event, and spend an evening in the Rathcoole Woodlands Join us for a live event, and spend an evening in the Rathcoole Woodlands with local guide Ben Shorten, and John, Annie, Deirdre and Michael who will show you the trails, trees and heritage of this unique woodland on our doorstep. … Read more

Rathcoole section of the New Draft 5 year development plan

Citywest/Saggart/Rathcoole/Newcastle The Citywest/Saggart/Rathcoole/Newcastle neighbourhood is located 13 Km west of Dublin City Centre, forming the central western part of South Dublin County, part of Dublin City Suburbs and the wider Metropolitan Area. Click here to read more. Table of content: Introduction and context Core Strategy and Settlement Strategy Natural/Cultural and Built Heritage Green Infrastructure (GI) … Read more

N7 Rathcoole Pedestrian Bridge

N7 Rathcoole Pedestrian Bridge report on poor condition update – Repairs now promised by TII   Dear Deputy Higgins, I refer to your email of 22 June 2021 on behalf of residents of Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, regarding the above. The position in relation to your enquiry is as follows. At the outset I should clarify … Read more

Rathcoole Community Centre Upgrade Fund

Rathcoole Community Centre Upgrade Fund We urgently need your help to help fund our ongoing operations and provide assistance for upgrade works to the Rathcoole Community Centre. Your generous donations to our community-owned, non-profit, Rathcoole Community Centre over the last 40 years have been able to help our community in many more ways than most … Read more