About Us

Rathcoole Community Centre has been a part of the Rathcoole and Saggart Communities since 1978.

The Community Centre is administered on behalf of the community by the Rathcoole Community Council Ltd, who meet every second Tuesday and hold an annual AGM in March of each year.

The current membership of the community council can be found below:

Chairperson                                       Terry Ivory
Vice Chairperson                              Harry O’Reilly
Treasurer                                            Neville Graver
Assistant Treasurer                          Christy McDonnell
PRO                                                     Marie Smyth
Company Secretary                          Neville Graver
General Secretary                             Bernadette Doyne
Assistant Secretary                          Bernadette McIntyre
Centre Development Officer         Dick Butler
Director                                             Sean Reid
Director                                             Francina O’Donnell
Director                                             Stephanie Donnelly
Director                                             Vincent Dempsey
Committee Member                       Patrick Manning
Committee Member                       Simon Urbus